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Info on the new Museum

Information on the New Museum Project.

Why are we Fundraising?

The Port Hastings Historical Society is kicking off a major fundraising campaign in the Starit Area where it all began in 1978. We are asking for donations from local families and businesses to show their support for a new, strategically located museum at the enterance to Cape Breton. Our estimated cost is: $350,000

Museum Service area

The Port Hastings Historical Society has played a major role in preserving the history of the greater Strait area communities for over the past 30years. Port Hastings district and Canso Causeway were the original focus of our organization. Over the years, we have adopted most communites, stretching from Long Point, Route 19 and out as far South Rhodena and across to MacIntyre's Lake, into Port Hawkesbury and Point Tupper, Sunnyside, over to Mulgrave and Auld's Cove. We realized the importance of saving and interperting our story for our children and residents of the communties. We also know that a percentage of tourists who travel are interested in what museums have to offer.

Funtion of the Museum

The Historical Society presrves the history of the area and compiles genealogical records which give insights into the lives of early settlers, the importance of the railway and ferry service. There is an extensive collection of information on the construction of the Canso Causeway and it's impact, anniversary celebrations and a substantial collection on the development of the industries in the strait area. including the pulp and paper mill. House display binder documenting local families exist for every community in the area.

Why is it necessary?

The existing museum is located on a dangerous side street in a small 125 years old house, which is not insulated and sits atop damp ground. The Port Hastings Historical Society has acquired a lot of land on Highway #4 overlooking the Canso Causeway. A new museum on this prominent piece of land to highlight the scale model ships of master carpenter, Mark Boudreau and prints by internationally known marine artist, J Franklin Wright is critical if we are to continue our work. We require a new buliding to house our records and collections, preserving them for future generations.

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