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Archive Index

House Binders

-Port Hawkesbury Streets A to H

-Port Hasting Village I to K

-Charles MacLean Rd., Port Hawkesbry Rd., and Embree's Island

-Kings Rd. (Pleasant Hill), Crandall Rd, and Barberton Rd.

-Sugar Camp, Askilton and Mackdale

-Queensville, South Rodena and Lexington

-Route 19


-Creignish and craigmore

-Long Point

-Point Tupper

-Point Tupper Relocation Project

-Mulgrave w1 and w2

-Strait Area Businesses

-Melville and MacIntyer Lake

Other Records, Binders and Scrap books

-Census Records

-Obituary binders

-Wedding/Anniversary Binders

-School/Birth/Death/Cemetery/Church Records

-Area newpaper columns of intrest

-Family Trees and Other Family Files

-20+ Mi'Kmaq Scrapbooks

-20+ Music Scrapbooks

-Collection of many stora/papermill binders

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